A few words

About Us

Our main aspiration is to create accessible applications that utilise the power of the internet and connected world at a reasonable price that fulfils the needs that you have as our customer.

Popular Platforms

We develop applications and websites for all the major platforms and some most dont think about

We work close together with our clients to help identify the technology their target audience will use.

From a smart watch all the way up to 150″ SmartTV we have built applications that work on a vast range of platforms, utilising open technology and standards to ensure quality, reliability as well as accessibility for your customers.

Some development facts

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Years of experience
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What drives us

We always go the extra mile to create awesome experiences…

Our Mission

We are a team of talented individuals with a mission.

Our mission is simple, we want to build websites and apps, that work for our customers, their users and make their missions easy and achievable.

Our Vision

That every business should be able to have a presences on the internet or app store and engage the customers how they want. Not how people tell them they can.

Ever been told “computers can’t do that” when trying to come up with a way to engage with your customers? Within reason, we are confident we can do it. Though it may not be simple, this is where we excel.

Not just apps

Data management


Data is what drives the world these days. Barrack Obama won the US Elections on data, not his personality alone.

Here at Archronos we have dealt with some of the largest, most complex data sets imaginable and not only achieved our goals with it, but exceeded expectations on the speed at which it could be processed.

Geospatial Systems

Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) is where we cut our teeth. Whether it is tracking the location of a wild animal or plotting where all the public rights of way are in a national park authority, we can build it for you.

Our GIS systems will work on all the devices you want them to work on, not just a powerful desktop computer, and ultilise the maps you want, so don’t feel its going to be expensive and you must use Google Maps (there are cheaper options out there).

Let’s talk about your dream

If you have a project you want to talk to us about contact us now to see how we can make it a reality